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HAMcast is a system architecture to provide a universal multicast service. The concept combines an abstract naming scheme (based on URIs), a common API and a system-centric service-middleware, as well as gateways (IMGs) to cross technological and administrative network borders.

The HAMcast prototype was developed at the INET research group, HAW Hamburg (Link). The current software release contains the multicast API (C++ library) for group application development, the middleware as a userspace systemservice and multicast-technology modules. The prototype is still work in progress, comments and contributions are very welcome.

Where to Start

  • HAMcastHowTos -- Step-by-step tutorials to build, configure and run HAMcast

Status Overview


August 2011

  • (31.) Relaunch of developers webpages
  • (16.) Update of HAMcast prototype (v0.4)

May 2011

  • (27.) Update of HAMcast prototype (v0.3.2)
  • (20.) Update of HAMcast prototype (v0.3.1)
  • (16.) First release of HAMcast prototype (v0.3)

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