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HowTo Configure the HAMcast prototype

This is an example of midddleware.ini to configure our prototype. The format and syntax conforms to the INI standard, mainly consisting of key-value pairs with option sections. The middleware.ini has to reside in the run path of the middleware binary. Note different file types for module libs, this is OS dependent: .dylib for MacOS and .so for Linux.



;uncommented as needed



;Service discovery modes: off, light, full
;Service discovery, ip versions: ipall, ip4, ip6

;port=<local port>
;bsnode=<bootstrap IP>
;bsport=<bootstrap port>

  • [global] section configures general middleware options, e.g. log-level
  • [<module-name>] section configures each module by key=value pairs. file is mandatory path attribute to the shared lib of the module. All other parameters are interpreted by each module as needed, e.g. bootstrap options to init P2P overlay for scribe multicast.
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